Welcome to The Reve Group; we are excited to begin the process of you becoming affiliated with our team.

We want to help get you off to a fast start! If you’re on this page, you’ve likely reviewed a presentation about our business. The next step of our process is to submit an application with our organization. As you take this step, we want you to understand that we take great pride in our values and standards. Quite simply, our core values are built on doing the right thing for both clients and associates 100% of the time.

We have a strong culture of developing thriving entrepreneurs with our proven business model, technology, marketing and mentorship. Below are five filters – the speed of their completion has shown a direct correlation to an associate’s ultimate success.

We would like to challenge you to complete these “speed filters” as quickly as possible. We are looking for new leaders and this is an immediate way to identify yourself with that potential.

This is a level playing field and everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. We are excited to see who separates themselves from the pack.

Welcome to the team!

Step 1

Watch this video.

Step 2

Click the button below to submit your registration with WFG. You will need an agent code from the person that nominated you.

Step 3

Please let the person that nominated you know you have submitted your application. You will be contacted to set up an appointment for the onboarding process.